Our Product Range


Kericho Gold Zimbabwe – Experience our expanding collection of premium teas, designed to cater to your discerning palate. Our diverse range includes:

  • Black Tea Range
  • Speciality Range – Speciality Teas & Infusions
  • Health & Wellness Range
  • Attitude Teas Range
  • Luxury Pyramid Teas Range

At Kericho Gold Zimbabwe, we understand that great taste is essential. Start your day on a high note with our caffeine-free tea options.

Black Tea Range
Sourced from the verdant tea gardens in the Kenyan highlands, our Black Tea range blends high-quality tea leaves to deliver unmatched taste and character. Choose from loose tea and teabags to suit your preference.

Speciality Range – Speciality Teas & Infusions
Discover our range of speciality tea, fruit, and herbal blends, offering rich flavours, invigorating aromas, and a satisfying sensory experience.

Health & Wellness Range
Indulge in our selection of herbal teas, known for their medicinal properties and emphasis on promoting health and well-being. Enjoy a cup from our health and wellness range and embrace a tea-positive lifestyle.

Attitude Teas Range
Explore our exciting Attitude Teas, featuring unique flavours, balanced aromas, and refreshing tastes. Designed for the young and young at heart, our eye-catching packaging reflects a vibrant attitude.

Luxury Pyramid Teas Range
Experience our exclusive Luxury Pyramid Teas, featuring sought-after blends from around the world, including South Africa and the Himalayas. Savor a perfect cup of tea from this range, making your mornings brighter and more enjoyable.